Passport in Hand, Looking Back at some of my Best Travel in 2017!

As I reflect back over 2017, some of the highlights have to do with the most interesting places I visited and extraordinary people I met.  I feel so lucky to get paid for this.

I love this quote by Henry Miller.  “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”  It perfectly describes how travel feels to me.  Every trip provides a new perspective and changes a small part of how I see the world.

Pictures of my 2017 journey.

Moscow, Russia and one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen.  The iconic Cathedral of Basil.

Wroclaw, Poland and so sentimental visiting this small city where hubby worked for awhile long before we met.

One of the coolest trips of my life.  Bangkok, Thailand weeks after the King’s passing.  I had the chance to visit the Grand Palace, see many levels of the socio-economic system there, and ride in a tuk-tuk.  SO much to learn about culture.

Quick trip through Tokyo and a unique food market.

Oh Singapore and the Gardens by the Bay.  So beautiful.  They celebrate every possible festival, where the street decorations are a site on their own.

Possibly the most beautiful place on earth – Cape Town, South Africa.  The Twelve Apostles Mountain range and the perfect meeting of mountains and sea.  Get a load of that spectacular sunset.  Breathtaking.

A night tour of the spectacular churches in Quite, Ecuador.

And finally Shanghai, China along the famous Bund.

Here’s to more stamps in you passport for 2018.

My best to you.


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