I send 200 birthday cards a year.

It’s true, no exaggeration.  I’m so old-fashioned that way.  I still send handwritten cards by snail-mail.  And, have you noticed we are within the most popular birthday weeks of the year?  It feels like everyone I know is a September or October birthday, and I’m one of them too.  Yea for October birthdays!

birthday card pic

Actually, as a lesser-known fact – September 16th is the most popular birthday.  (That’s your random piece of trivia for the next dinner party.)


Dangerously Delicious Chocolate Chip Bread

This dangerously, delicious bread will have them asking for the recipe every single time.  Thanks to a sweet friend Diana who gave me this recipe at my wedding shower, I’ve probably made this bread no less than 200 times.  It’s a no fail, can’t go wrong kind of recipe with 7 ingredients.  So simple!


Here’s the recipe.


Fall Roadtrip: Kancamagus Highway

A couple of years ago I took one of the most special trips of my life.  I had the chance to see the majestic fall foliage in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine with my mom and dad.  Just us.

river fall foliage

This trip is an absolute must do.  I coveted the time with my parents as we relaxed and breathed in the beauty of fall.


Our Little Ladybugs Turn 3 Years Old

We call our girls our little ladies and find ourselves often asking them to ‘sit like a lady’, ‘act like a lady’.  And that’s where the inspiration for our ladybug party originated.


I think a warm greeting is so important to any party experience.  That’s why any chance I get I extend the decorations to the front yard.  Here’s my welcome to our guests.

Happy BD Letters

I received some great advice to arrange stations for the girls and their friends to move about during the party.  Brilliant!  We had a small borrowed bounce house, coloring and craft table, tape the dot on the ladybug game, tables for eating, and a ladybug tent in the playroom.


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