A Day in London through the Lens of My iPhone

I know from living here for four years that the sun doesn’t come out every day in London. So it was like a gift to arrive to a glorious sunny day.  It also just happened to be the longest day of the year when the sun rose at 5.20 am and set at 9.20 pm.  That’s what I call the perfect summer day!

I had so many sites I wanted to squeeze in, so I decided to charge past the jet lag and immediately get out and about to visit my most favorite places in and around London.


Now, what to do with the kids’ masterpieces? A simple organizing system.

The school year is coming to an end, and many of us are contemplating what to do with all of those masterpieces our kids created this year.  Now what?

Well, as it turns out I’m a bit of a pack-rat when it comes to anything my girls create.  I mean it breaks my heart to throw anything away, and yet I don’t want the volume of clutter.

Over time I’ve established this simple system to keep their art and paperwork organized.  My friend Erin asked me about my system recently, and I decided to write about it.


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