Our Little Ladybugs Turn 3 Years Old

We call our girls our little ladies and find ourselves often asking them to ‘sit like a lady’, ‘act like a lady’.  And that’s where the inspiration for our ladybug party originated.


I think a warm greeting is so important to any party experience.  That’s why any chance I get I extend the decorations to the front yard.  Here’s my welcome to our guests.

Happy BD Letters

I received some great advice to arrange stations for the girls and their friends to move about during the party.  Brilliant!  We had a small borrowed bounce house, coloring and craft table, tape the dot on the ladybug game, tables for eating, and a ladybug tent in the playroom.

The girls’ favorite of course was the cake.  It was beautifully simple and yummy too.  Here’s a look at a few more of the party decorations.

What a great morning with our friends and family.  The highlight for me came later that day as I was putting the girls to bed.  One of them said, “Mommy, I had the best time…my party.”  And I melted.  What an honor and privilege to be their mom.

Inspiration credits go to: yellow bliss road (favor bags), KLM Events (table garland), Life Thru a Linds (ladybug spots game), and shannonberrey.com (ribbon chandelier).

Purchases made at: cricut (vinyl embellishment), IKEA (grass and pots), The Celebration Shoppe (ladybug printables), and ZenZero Bakery (cake).

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