Am I the Last to Know? How-To Hydrate Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are my most, most favorite flower, and having them in my home is a sure sign of spring.  I used them in my tablescape for Easter, but before I knew it they were wilting with lightening speed.


Thank goodness my mother-in-love was visiting, and she shared this amazing trick for reviving these beautiful flowers.  Am I the last to know?

I soaked big blue in water overnight, immersing every last bloom in the water.  I was skeptical but look what happened.  A revived and hydrated hydrangea the next morning.



And bonus, in fresh water it lasted another week.


We are having lots of April showers in Texas, for which I’m thankful, but I’ll take all of the indoor color I can get to brighten things up.  Have a blessed weekend.

My best to you.


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