How to Make Homemade Granite Cleaner with 2 Ingredients

Happy Friday!  Consider this my public service announcement for the week.  (He-He!)  There’s no need to spend lots of money on those expensive granite cleaners, when all you need is rubbing alcohol and water.

You know how wiping down granite with only water leaves terrible streaks, almost like you never cleaned it in the first place?  I’ve tried lots of the off-the-shelf products, but none work as well as this simple homemade solution my friend Teresa told me about a couple of years ago.

Here’s all you need.  In a plastic spray bottle pour 1/2 part rubbing alcohol and 1/2 part water.  Swirl around, and spray directly onto the granite surface.  That’s it.  Beautiful granite that looks like you’ve had a fresh seal put on.

If you are in the new year cleaning mood like I am, I hope you find this helpful.

My best to you.


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