The Best Cure for Dry Winter Skin: 3-Ingredient, $5 Homemade Lotion


It’s the time of year in Texas when my skin feels dry and itchy because of the cold weather.  But I have found THE perfect 3-ingredient, $5 solutionHomemade lotion. 

You won’t believe how easy and speedy this is to make. The story behind the lotion.  Soon after we were married my mother-in-love whipped up a batch of lotion from her own recipe, and we’ve never looked back.

I’ve mentioned my girls’ sensitive skin, and I can tell you this lotion never causes problems for them.  One of only two I can say that about.  I talked about the other product here in a previous post.

This homemade solution really improves the condition of our family’s skin with one application.  It’s very light and nourishing, so it feels great.

lotion1 Here’s what you’ll need to make some of your own.

  1. 15 oz baby lotion
  2. 1 jar vitamin E skin care cream
  3. 7 1/2 oz petroleum jelly
  4. hand mixer

I bought all of these ingredients at Dollar General for $5.  Yes, that’s right!  $5.  And that included two containers of the vitamin E.  Can you believe it?  And, if it’s more convenient I’ve also seen all of these products at Wal-Mart.

Instructions: So simple.  Empty lotion, vitamin E, and petroleum jelly containers into a mixing bowl and mix for approximately 20 seconds.  That’s it.

Tip #1: I’ve found it’s easiest to remove the petroleum jelly from the container after heating it in the microwave for 60 seconds.  And, it mixes much easier too.

Tip #2: I’ve tried other lotions.  For some reason baby lotion works the best, by far.

Tip #3: After mixing, place the beaters into a bowl of warm water with dish soap in it.  The beaters will be squeaky clean in an hour.  I thought it would be tough to remove the remaining lotion. The recipe makes about 25 ozs of lotion.


Lastly, I wanted my homemade creation to look pretty as it sits on my bathroom counter.  So, I bought a sweet glass container from Michael’s and used my circle cutter and scrapbook paper to create a label.  Then, I added some pink ribbon and secured it all with mod podge.


Viola!  Functional and pretty.

Stay warm and moisturized this winter.

My best to you.


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