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The Sunscreen Secret | Younger Hands

We think about sunscreen for our faces every single day, but what about the place that shows aging the fastest – our hands.  This has been a hard habit for me to get into, but I’m slowly remembering each day to apply sunscreen to the tops of my hands.

This is my favorite – Elta MD because it has a smooth application, yet not greasy.  After I apply the sunscreen to my face, I take the small amount that’s left over and apply it to the tops of my hands.

That’s it.  I’m definitely seeing a difference.  So as we enter into the amazing days of summer in Texas, give it a try.  Your skin 10 years from now thanks you.

My best to you.


3 Minute Time-Saving Hack to Boost Productivity | So Easy!

It’s that time of year when most of us are thinking about goals and priorities.  And, I’m slightly obsessed with efficiency and productivity to save time, save money, save energy.  So this always shows up on my list.

There’s great advice all over the web about saving time, but I still think after six years, this one is the all time best.  And it came from my friend Kevin.  Thanks Kevin!

Here goes.


Sydney, Australia through the Lens of my iPhone

It’s a recap from my trip to Sydney, Australia!  Pinch me.  I still can’t believe I saw The Marriage of Figaro opera at the Sydney Opera House.  This is bucket-list stuff.  I have to admit I don’t know lots about opera, but this opera house boasts of the most perfect acoustics, and I believe it.  The music was dreamy.

Australia 2

And here’s the evening view from the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, where I had the most perfect seafood called bugs.  They are like mini lobsters.


A Day in London through the Lens of My iPhone

I know from living here for four years that the sun doesn’t come out every day in London. So it was like a gift to arrive to a glorious sunny day.  It also just happened to be the longest day of the year when the sun rose at 5.20 am and set at 9.20 pm.  That’s what I call the perfect summer day!

I had so many sites I wanted to squeeze in, so I decided to charge past the jet lag and immediately get out and about to visit my most favorite places in and around London.


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