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Wondering What To Do With That Leftover Candy Corn?

Wondering what to do with that leftover candy corn?  Just in time for a sweet snack at Thanksgiving – oh yum!

Add salted peanuts to the mix for a treat that takes just like a payday candy bar.  I use half nuts, half candy corn for the right balance.  Serve it up in a cute container, with festive napkins or a small plastic cup.

You’ll definitely have a crowd pleaser.  Happy Thanksgiving!

My best to you.


Choosing the Sweetest Watermelon for Summer

Happy summer!  I know watermelon.  I mean, I REALLY know my watermelon.

Just about every summer family story I can recount includes watermelon.  It may sound strange, but there’s cousin watermelon fights, backyard neighbor watermelon with lots of salt, lots of elementary questionnaires – what’s your favorite food – watermelon, and even the first 3 months of pregnancy with the girls all I could keep down (sorry about the TMI) was watermelon….like, a watermelon a day.

Not exaggerating, I know watermelon.  So you can imagine how many watermelons we consume each summer.  Recently my mom told me about this tip for selecting the sweetest watermelon.  I know there are lots of these ideas floating around the web, but I swear it’s worked every single time.  We’ve enjoyed the sweetest watermelons since giving it a try.

Look for the watermelon with that yellow sitting spot.  The bigger the better because it means it’s been waiting for the perfect picking time.  It should have lots of good veins around that spot indicating the bee had plenty of time to pollinate the fruit.

I swear it works.  Give this a try before summer is over.  You can’t go wrong.

My best to you.


Move over Panera. This is the Best Broccoli-Cheese Soup You’ll ever Taste.


Soup is the perfect comfort food when it’s damp and cold outside.  I really just want to hibernate with my thick socks tucked under a warm blanket this time of year.

But while I’m hibernating, I love to cozy up with my family over a good movie and eat the world’s best Broccoli-Cheese Soup.    Because broccoli and cheese were meant to be together.  This soup is rich and creamy, with large bites of broccoli that blend nicely with the cheese.  It’s a one-pot, no mixer kind of recipe that takes just a few minutes to make.  Just my style. 


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