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Room Makeover | From Toddler to Big Girl

When the girls told us their bodies were outgrowing their converted crib beds, we finally gave in to makeover their room from toddler to big girl.  It’s been a work in progress, but we’re finally there.  They sleep better than ever before in their comfy new beds.  So comfy I often fall asleep next to one of them as we sing to sleep.

Grammy has this amazing scripture she quotes over us regularly, and I’ve been itching to use it since before the girls were born.  I found an Etsy designer who took my custom order, and I can’t imagine a better location than framed over the bed, speaking truth into these little lives each night.

I’m still not sure about the unicorn or the flower, so I’ve swapped them out here.  We’ll see. Options are good.  Those silver arrows were on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  The original distressed wood didn’t work with the room, so I painted them silver.

These are the paper butterflies from the Pottery Barn baby mobile, originally in the nursery.  I couldn’t part with them so I cut up the mobile and tick-tacked them to the wall.

The sweetest corner that reminds me how quickly they are growing up.

Repurposed framed baby dresses, and beaded hearts from Restoration Hardware that I’ve had my eye on since the girls were born.

And lastly, a little DIY jewelry stand the girls and I did together.  The cold, gray stand needed an update of pink pom poms, so we hot glued the fringe for a cute update.

Not gonna lie.  There may have been a few tears shed when those cribs were given away, but what a sweet time in life for our family.  New found independence, and a deeper bond than ever between these two, make for special days.

My best to you.


Tutorial: At Home Creating the Perfect Duvet Poof

Have you ever been to a hotel where the bedding almost looked too heavenly to sleep?    It’s as if they take hours to construct this elegant bed.

My sweet friend Stephanie also creates the most beautiful bedding combinations.  The kind of combo that makes you want to run and jump straight into the duvet poof.


Everyone does their part. Age-appropriate chores for children.

We’re starting them early.  I figure any time is a good time to learn responsibility.  And when both parents work outside the home…let’s be honest, it’s more like survival.

Chores for young children.  When the girls were two we began with very simple things like putting away their toys at the end of each day, and it’s now evolved into a larger responsibilities.


Am I the Last to Know? How-To Hydrate Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are my most, most favorite flower, and having them in my home is a sure sign of spring.  I used them in my tablescape for Easter, but before I knew it they were wilting with lightening speed.


Thank goodness my mother-in-love was visiting, and she shared this amazing trick for reviving these beautiful flowers.  Am I the last to know?


How To: 8 Tips to Arrange Artwork & Photography for Maximum Impact

My most favorite home accents are the art and photography we’ve collected over the years.  I treasure the modest pieces we’ve gathered along our travels and special moments captured with the girls.  These pieces personalize our home and fill it with wonderful memories.

I’ve learned so many tips to upgrade the look of these pieces for just the right impact.  And I’m sharing those lessons here.

1.  Relate to the furniture.

The art or photograph should be placed approximately 6 inches above the piece of furniture.  Tightening the space creates a little vignette of goodness and warmth, as if the art is part of the furniture.  Our talented friends Marcy and Keith taught us this quaint, elegant trick.  And it’s my favorite.

Here’s an example.

See the gold etched piece hung on the back of this built-in shelf?  I love this eclectic little cat.  This is the vignette idea.



A VERY Pink Playroom: 2 DIY Decorating Projects for a Fun, Girly Space

I loved creating a space for my girls that’s all for them, and all girl!  Two of my most favorite decorations are a Pottery Barn butterfly hack and a huge, fabric-covered paper mache letter for the wall.



No need to pay Pottery Barn prices.  First up, the butterflies.  I saw these butterflies in one of their magazines and knew for sure I could recreate this simple look.  The reading corner space is low to the ground, so I needed a feature that could close the height gap for a more cozy look.  Here’s the little nook amidst the stripes.


A Few of My Favorite Things 2014

2014 favorite things

Oprah has her list of favorite things each year, and I have mine…

I am a practical gal and try hard to only spend money on things I will truly use.  That’s why I pulled my 2014 most favorite things straight from the rooms of my home.  In fact my most favorite list should really be titled my most practical list.  See what you think.


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