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Let’s Flamingle to a 5th Birthday Swim

You are thinking, hmmm…didn’t the girls just turn 6…  Yep, that’s right, and I completely forgot to post pictures from their 5th birthday swim.  A friend of mine reminded me of this recently, and well…thanks Mandy for the reminder.

A lot of life has happened over the past 12 months, so we’ll just call this a catch up blog post 🙂  We just had a few girlfriends over to swim, but I can never resist a reason for cupcakes and a couple of decorations.

These sweet friends are keepers, and even though we’re going in lots of different directions for school soon, we love them so much.

Cute Mud Pie flamingo swimsuits make pool time fun!

All pink snacks and tacky plastic flamingos make the perfect, quick table setting and yard decor.

I made these flamingo embellishments with popsicle sticks, free printables, pink feathers, and hot glue.  So simple and saved a fortune by buying simple strawberry cupcakes.

Ribbon makes everything prettier.

And lastly a little pink welcome for our friends.  Pink boa wraps, with tulle along the edge, hot glued to round frames made the simplest DIY wreath.

The days can sometimes feel long, but the weeks and months are short.  They are growing up so quickly, but each season seems to get sweeter and sweeter.  Grateful for these precious gifts!

My best to you.


Everyone does their part. Age-appropriate chores for children.

We’re starting them early.  I figure any time is a good time to learn responsibility.  And when both parents work outside the home…let’s be honest, it’s more like survival.

Chores for young children.  When the girls were two we began with very simple things like putting away their toys at the end of each day, and it’s now evolved into a larger responsibilities.


Celebrating 1/2 Birthdays. The Girls Turned 3 1/2!

Remember when you were a kid and counted every single day until your next birthday.  Waiting with great anticipation at the prospect of being a year older?

half bd 1

I remember correcting my parents when they forgot to give me credit after I passed the 1/2-way point in a year.  I would quickly say, “I’m not 5.  I’m 5 1/2.”


Our Little Ladybugs Turn 3 Years Old

We call our girls our little ladies and find ourselves often asking them to ‘sit like a lady’, ‘act like a lady’.  And that’s where the inspiration for our ladybug party originated.


I think a warm greeting is so important to any party experience.  That’s why any chance I get I extend the decorations to the front yard.  Here’s my welcome to our guests.

Happy BD Letters

I received some great advice to arrange stations for the girls and their friends to move about during the party.  Brilliant!  We had a small borrowed bounce house, coloring and craft table, tape the dot on the ladybug game, tables for eating, and a ladybug tent in the playroom.