A Different Take on My New Year’s Resolution: Be Better Than Before

I love fresh starts and look forward to making new year’s resolutions each year.  There’s something so energizing about physically turning the calendar page to a new year, while imagining all of the possibilities the year might hold.

And, this year I’m thinking differently about my new year’s resolution.  I’ve achieved some and failed at others, just like 92% of everyone who sets a resolution with all the best of intentions, according to Forbes.  I appreciate a good self-improvement goal, but I don’t like the self-criticism that comes with a resolution.  Picking ourselves apart, looking for all of the ways we should improve.

So instead, this year I’m cutting myself a little slack and taking a more better than before approach.  Don’t get me wrong I have areas where I want to make improvement, but I intend for it to be more incremental and sustainable instead of big and revolutionary.  Recognition that I like myself, and the me I’m becoming, just fine.


I still like the idea of writing down the principles I want to follow.  So here’s what I’m thinking:

1.  More physical activity.

No more lose 10 pounds, this is more get moving.  To help me I bought a fit-bit band with my Christmas money, and so far I’m loving it!  I set a 10,000 step goal for each day, and somehow this doesn’t feel so much like exercise.  Maybe it’s because it allows me to integrate physical activity into my usual schedule.  It has also surprisingly served as a reminder to move away from my desk a few times a day.


2.  More prayer.

There’s so much to say about prayer, but for now I’ll say covering my day in prayer means my other four principles come easier.  Each year I look for four verses that feel timely for each of our lives.  I use those verses as a daily prayer.  Here are our four this year.

Joshua 1:9, Psalm 37:4, Mark 12:31, and Luke 6:35

A sweet thing happened a few months back.  Our God-daughter selected the verses I’m praying for the girls this year.  She has the most amazing gift of encouragement, and my girls adore her.

Just a side note, wow…what I’m learning about the importance of influence from older girls.  My sweet ones soak her in, and that makes me one happy Mama because she’s the best role model I could ever imagine for them.

3.  More consistency.

When I think about the people I admire most they are consistent people.  They are known to be the same at home, work, their children’s school, in the community…and most importantly, when they think no one is looking.  I’m not sure quite yet how to achieve this, but I think about it a lot.  One thing I know for sure is that when I think about how I want to be known, the word consistency is always the first description that comes to mind.

4.  Less busy. This is a big one for me.  I am the queen of multi-tasking, but it leads to a lack of being present with the people I care about most.  I’ve heard about this book called Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend, and I’m excited to dive into it.  Hoping my fancy new planner might help too.  Jelly beans and a pretty pen always help while power-planning.

Boundariesbook DSC_0093 5.  Spanish-only Thursday evenings.

I’m sure this seems a strange one, but it’s something we’re working on as a family.  The girls are learning at warp-speed, soon to pass my basic vocabulary by…so we’re taking a small step to learn together.  Thank goodness for Google translator.  These are some of the words the girls are learning at school.  Buena suerte para nosotros!


Again, I’ll be content with being better than before when 2015 closes and I evaluate the year.  It’s interesting that I already feel more energized by using this approach than with any resolutions I’ve set before.

I’m always looking for good books, articles, and podcasts to keep me motivated and inspired.  If you’ve come across a great resource please share it with me in the comments box.  Updates coming throughout 2015.

The happiest new year to you, and here’s to hoping prosperity and blessings surround you every day in 2015!

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