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How To: 8 Tips to Arrange Artwork & Photography for Maximum Impact

My most favorite home accents are the art and photography we’ve collected over the years.  I treasure the modest pieces we’ve gathered along our travels and special moments captured with the girls.  These pieces personalize our home and fill it with wonderful memories.

I’ve learned so many tips to upgrade the look of these pieces for just the right impact.  And I’m sharing those lessons here.

1.  Relate to the furniture.

The art or photograph should be placed approximately 6 inches above the piece of furniture.  Tightening the space creates a little vignette of goodness and warmth, as if the art is part of the furniture.  Our talented friends Marcy and Keith taught us this quaint, elegant trick.  And it’s my favorite.

Here’s an example.

See the gold etched piece hung on the back of this built-in shelf?  I love this eclectic little cat.  This is the vignette idea.



Move over Panera. This is the Best Broccoli-Cheese Soup You’ll ever Taste.


Soup is the perfect comfort food when it’s damp and cold outside.  I really just want to hibernate with my thick socks tucked under a warm blanket this time of year.

But while I’m hibernating, I love to cozy up with my family over a good movie and eat the world’s best Broccoli-Cheese Soup.    Because broccoli and cheese were meant to be together.  This soup is rich and creamy, with large bites of broccoli that blend nicely with the cheese.  It’s a one-pot, no mixer kind of recipe that takes just a few minutes to make.  Just my style. 


Simple Valentines Inspired by Pinterest


After a week of travel for work it is so good to be home!  We are enjoying this beautiful weekend, and between the bike rides we are full-out Valentine’ing around here.  My little love bugs and I are creating Valentines for classmates and special friends.

This is one of my favorite holidays because I get to be so crafty, and I think I know two girls who enjoy crafting like their mama.  Especially the painting part.