January 2015 archive

A VERY Pink Playroom: 2 DIY Decorating Projects for a Fun, Girly Space

I loved creating a space for my girls that’s all for them, and all girl!  Two of my most favorite decorations are a Pottery Barn butterfly hack and a huge, fabric-covered paper mache letter for the wall.



No need to pay Pottery Barn prices.  First up, the butterflies.  I saw these butterflies in one of their magazines and knew for sure I could recreate this simple look.  The reading corner space is low to the ground, so I needed a feature that could close the height gap for a more cozy look.  Here’s the little nook amidst the stripes.


A Different Take on My New Year’s Resolution: Be Better Than Before

I love fresh starts and look forward to making new year’s resolutions each year.  There’s something so energizing about physically turning the calendar page to a new year, while imagining all of the possibilities the year might hold.

And, this year I’m thinking differently about my new year’s resolution.  I’ve achieved some and failed at others, just like 92% of everyone who sets a resolution with all the best of intentions, according to Forbes.  I appreciate a good self-improvement goal, but I don’t like the self-criticism that comes with a resolution.  Picking ourselves apart, looking for all of the ways we should improve.