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Are You in a Personal ENERGY Crisis?


A few weeks ago I was invited to speak with a group of very talented leaders about creating energy and building resilience.  We are living in a time of always-on, flat-out, no boundaries kind of days, weeks, and months, and years.  The demands on us are exceeding our capacity to live balanced, fulfilling lives.

Do you feel this way?  Are you in a personal energy crisis?

There’s so much talk about time management, but I like what Tony Schwartz has to say on the subject in his book, The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy Not Time.  Time is a finite resource, and there are only 24 hours in a day for each of us.


My oh-so-yummy, no-bake Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Dip


It’s fall, y’all!  We have lots going on, and I’m loving every minute of it.  My guest room is turning over quickly between visits, and that’s just how I like it.  With lots of entertaining this time of year I’m always in search of simple recipes that are easy to follow and require very few ingredients.

Recently my oh-so-yummy, no-bake pumpkin & cream cheese dip has been a huge hit. Ssshhhh…I don’t really care for pumpkin, but even the non-pumpkin eaters in my life (like me) indulge in this treat.


Donuts with my Darlings


One of my best memories from childhood is Saturday morning donuts.  I thought they were the best treats ever, and I was very proud of my works of art.  I’m certain we had powdered sugar and chocolate icing from head to toe when we were done, but the memories were so worth the clean up.

Recently one Sunday afternoon the girls and I gave it a go.  They were pretty excited to wear their sweet little aprons and to cut the donut holes, while I did the frying.  And yes, the powdered sugar was head toe when we finished, but those donuts were just as good as I remembered.  Thanks Mom for the new family tradition.


I send 200 birthday cards a year.

It’s true, no exaggeration.  I’m so old-fashioned that way.  I still send handwritten cards by snail-mail.  And, have you noticed we are within the most popular birthday weeks of the year?  It feels like everyone I know is a September or October birthday, and I’m one of them too.  Yea for October birthdays!

birthday card pic

Actually, as a lesser-known fact – September 16th is the most popular birthday.  (That’s your random piece of trivia for the next dinner party.)